News & Updates

Shutting Down FLs (Nov 11, 2019)

I'm gearing up to start closing all the fanlistings. I've closed out the ones from the Fanlistings Network and will slowly start on the anime/manga ones. It's been fun but it's time to let others continue with them.

Email Forms (Feb 06, 2016)

Wow. It's been three years since I've updated this page! Anyway, my host provider has dropped its old form mail script and I've had to find a new one. Hopefully there will be no issues, but if there are please contact me at the email listed to the right.

Script Instability (Jul 30, 2013)

The fanlisting script I use for the big FLs has always been a bit unstable, for whatever reason. I've been having troubles with it again over these past couple of months. I don't know what causes this to happen, but the members.txt, updates.txt, and countries.txt files get corrupted, and are often emptied out completely. I keep an eye on the sites, but not as often as I used to, since the whole fanlistings thing seems to have died out.

Perhaps it's time to back it in, after some ten years of maintaining these sites. The original TFL site isn't even around anymore.

Final Hacking Update (Mar 10, 2012)

This has been such a nightmare to deal with that I have decided not to reinstall any of the forums or the Bebop Musings blog. I feel badly for the many fans who've visited the blog and the Rebirth and Last Exile forums, but this thing took out even my static author site -- which, ironically, had no WP or message board on it, and it's the one domain I can't seem to get disinfected, no matter what I do. I may have to find another host provider at this point, and while fandom is fun, it's not worth this kind of trouble.

More on the Hacking Issue (Mar 03, 2012)

This is turning out to be a real problem. I will not install WordPress on this site again. I'm also not inclined to install any more message board scripts. I'm still interested in Last Exile and Rebirth, but not enough to run any more forums. I may look into a flat file type of blog to resurrect the Bebop Musings site, though I can't say how long this might take me. There was some useful info at the forum sites; I may try to recreate some of this as a static archive. Again, I have no idea how long it might take me to do this, as I have lots of other projects taking up my time these days.

Site Hacked (Mar 02, 2012)

It affected every php file on all my domains -- something to do with eval(base64_decode -- and I've had to delete parts of this site. The hackers inserted files called common.php, annabalkeaton.php, enochashly.php, and annadianasamson.php all over the place. I'm slowly cleaning up the fanlisting php files. Bebopmusings, the old Sess/Rin doujinshi site, both the Rebirth and Last Exile message boards, and the old icon brushes archive are gone. I have backups for Bebopmusings and the two forums, so hopefully I'll be able to restore much, if not all, of those sites. The Sess/Rin site and the avatars, icons, and brush archive will not be coming back.

Milestones (Jul 22, 2011)

It took a while, but Crazy Beautiful, the fanlisting for Cowboy Bebop's Vicious, finally reached its 250 Fans mark. One of the best villains of anime deserves lots more fans!

Closed Fanlistings (Jun 14, 2011)

I've closed several fanlisting that have had no more than a handful of fans join over the course of the last couple of years:

  • Word: Preacher
  • Lake Superior
  • Roasted: Squirrel Nut Zippers
  • Aural Resonance: Crispin Freeman
  • Behind Blue Eyes: Prince Charming
  • A Town Divided: Kaze no Yojimbo
  • All In A Day's Work: Jack Hofner and Rowe Rickenbacker

There will probably be a few more by the end of the summer.

Server Move (Aug 23, 2010)

DreamHost has moved my domains to a new server, and I was warned that some scripts might not work afterwards. The move is complete, and so far the only thing I've noticed that is broken is a popup image script I was using on the Priest fanlisting. And a sudden slowness, which is probably temporary. I'll get the image script fixed soon, but as far as I can tell, the join/update/contact forms on all the fanlistings are working. Please let me know if there's any problems beyond those two problems I mentioned.

Major Site Overhaul (Jun 13, 2010)

When DreamHost upgraded php, I didn't realize it had borked all my pages that depended on mysql. Blah. Got rid of all of that, except for random stuff on the main page. I don't update the site enough any more to justify such high-maintenance scripting.

Also, converted all but the largest fanlistings to plain ol' html format, just like when I first started out doing this fanlisting thing. At this point, the scripts are more trouble than adding a few new fans here and there.

Updated NWLF (Apr 27, 2010)

No Winter Lasts Forever -- the Sess and Rin doujinshi site -- is inactive and has been for quite a while. I had no idea the gallery script no longer worked with the latest browsers or OS's. Sorry about that! I have updated to a new, and very simple, gallery script, so everything should be fine now.

Apologies, though, for those old, crappy scans. I'm tempted to take the site down completely because they're so bad, but I suppose even those are better than nothing.

Script Corruption (Mar 26, 2010)

Although it's been a while, I've had the usual problem with a bunch of txt files being wiped out on a number of fanlistings. Although I don't know why, exactly, this happens, it seems to be touched off when my join forms are being heavily spammed, which has been happening for the last few weeks.

I've uploaded the backups and everything is back to normal. Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Still Here! (Mar 10, 2010)

Just a brief entry to indicate the collective is alive, just quiet. Spent an hour cleaning up dead affiliate links on the fanlistings. Fun.

The plan for this summer is to convert a few more fanlistings to simple html files, especially those that are now only getting a handful of new members over the course of a year. I'll be keeping those 250+ on the flat file database for now, even though a lot of those only get a few new members a year as well.

It Only Took Five Years (Aug 01, 2009)

But the Cowboy Bebop fanlisting finally reached 2000 fans. Personally, I think it deserves ten times that, but I'm doing a little happy dance nonetheless.

Good things come to those that stick it out long enough!